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House for sale - Get ReadyAntique House Restoration

Old House Renovation

Old house renovation

" What is about old houses? What strange spells do the so that otherwise perfectly rational human beings are compelled against all sanity and sense to commit a large amount of energy and time to their rebuilding?

... For me, it is the spiritual dimensions above all, that makes the renovation of old houses so deeply satisfying. To bring back a house to useful life, immersing oneself in and texture of an earlier way of living in the process, is ultimately an act of resurrection of both the house and its owners "... G.Nash "Renovating old houses"

Well, NEPMAR has all assets to make your dream come true...

New house building

In 2018 we build a new house in South Portland. Everyone is happy - customers, of South Portland and, course, us. All stages of new construction are well done - planning, architectural design, site prep work, excavation, foundation, the house shall, widows/doors, floors, kitchen, electric, plumbing, painting, landscaping, and the fence.

Looks beautiful!

Jev Jesjunins, president