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• Build New • Replacement, Restore, Repair Old

Door Related Services:

•Access door installed •Access panel door built•Access panel door repair

•Bi-Fold doors installed new•Bi-Fold doors paint/stain•Bi-Fold doors removed•Bi-Fold doors replaced•Bi-Pass doors installed new•Bi-Pass doors paint/stain•Bi-Pass doors replaced•Bi-Pass doors removed

•Cabinet/drawer handles replaced•Commercial closer•Commercial door installed•Commercial door push bar installed (crash)

•Dock Door Cushion Replace•Door adjusted•Door closer cylinder replaced•Door closer installed new•Door closer removed•Door Jamb Finish•Door Jamb Install•Door Jamb Paint•Door Jamb Refinish•Door Jamb remove•Door Jamb Replace•Doorjamb/ Window sill R&R-rot repair•Door knob replaced•Door knocker•Door Knocker•Door Peephole•Door Side Lights Install•Door Side Lights Paint•Door Side Lights Refinish•Door Side Lights Remove•Door Side Lights Replace•Double Doors Finish (French)•Double Doors Install (French)•Double Doors Paint (French)25.Double Doors Refinish (French)•Double Doors Remove (French)•Double Doors Replace (French)


•Fire Door Install new•Fire Door Removal•Fire Door Replace•French doors installed

•Garage Door (overhead) Install New•Garage Door (overhead) Removal•Garage Door Replace (overhead)

•Hinges install new • Hinges re-install

•Kick Plate install new•Kick Plate Repair

•Lock set install new•Lock Set Repair (Door Knobs)

•Mailbox slot added to door•Miscellaneous

•Panic Bar (push) (crash) Replace•Peep hole•Pet door installed•Pocket door installed new•Pocket Door Repair•Pocket door repaired•Pre-hung Door Finish•Pre-hung Door Install•Pre-hung door installed•Pre-hung Door Paint•Pre-hung Door Refinish•Pre-hung Door Remove•Pre-hung Door Replace

•Screen door installed•Screen Door Repair•Screen replaced•Slab Door Finish•Slab Door Install•Slab door installed•Slab Door Paint•Slab Door Refinish•Slab Door Remove•Slab Door Replace•Sliding Door Repair (patio door)•Sliding Doors (patio door)•Sliding glass door removed and replaced•Storm door installed•Storm Door (security door)

•Threshold install•Threshold Repair

•Weather-stripping install new• Weather- stripping repair